Thursday, August 23, 2007

LINQ misconceptions

 Time and time again I heard coworkers  that "X" (insert your favorite ORM tool) is far superior to LINQ in regards to ORM and time and again LINQ is not really about ORM. Yes LINQ to SQL has some ORM type features, but it's not really a pure ORM platform.

  LINQ is really, at least in my opinion, about the language query functionality. It gives .Net programmers the power to write queries against not only SQL objects but native objects and XML in a language they are comfortable working in.  LINQ really shines in when used to query object collections and XML, operations that would have previously taken a dozen lines of code and nested loops is now as simple as a query. To me that is the power of LINQ.

  Yes the SQL database modeling and LINQ to SQL is equally as compelling, but I think people are to wrapped up thinking in terms of ORM tools that the miss the real functionality or how it can be leveraged to solve real business problems today.

 So next time you here someone comparing LINQ to ORM, tell them it's not about ORM, it's about the query.

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