Sunday, July 20, 2008

Follow up to Web 2.0 Portal book

Admittedly I haven't gotten very far with this title this weekend, but I've made a few observations to share. The book has a corresponding web site, that you can browse to and check out. One of the key areas so far is the "widget" framework. This framework provides the ability to add custom widgets (user controls) to the portal. After perusing the site and checking I see the follow issues.

  • All widgets use the same  header template which includes an edit link. When there is nothing to edit and the link is clicked, in some cases the widget says there's nothing to edit, in others nothing happens. This leads to a very inconsistent user experience.
  • You can drag widgets to different columns. The main area is laid out into three columns for widget display and while you can move them up and down within a container, it doesn't seem you can move them to other columns. The UI cues indicate that you can but nothing seems to happen.

Arguably these are small issues but if you're selling a book and the site is a reference, that site better be correct and provide a good user experience.

As for the book, I've noted a few typo's and some discrepancies between the text and images. This is the first O'Rielly book I've purchased and so far it appears to be the last. When I purchase a professional development book, I expect the quality to be good.

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