Saturday, August 2, 2008

New look for MSDN subscriber downloads

Microsoft has changed the MSDN subscribers download layout again. This time around it is actually useable. The last version used a SilverLight application to browse and download products and keys. There were big problems with mouse interaction in the menus in that you would have to select and hold an item for several seconds or else the selection wouldn't work. This was especially annoying when you were several levels deep in the menu, since when it lost focus the whole menu would collapse and you'd have to start at the root again.

The new layout is web based and ajax enabled, no more SilverLight!, the menu hierarchy layout is very similar to the pre SilverLight site, which makes navigation easy and familiar.   Overall as an MSDN subscriber I like the new layout and I think it was the right move, kudos to the MSDN team.

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