Thursday, July 2, 2009

Visual Studio Magazine

Is now the number one most useless trade magazine published. It had been marginal at best up until it’s merger with Redmond Developer news, since the merger it has become utter garbage. The majority of the magazine is comprised of advertisements and very little in the way of articles. The commentary in articles is always that of a select group of perceived industry “heavy weights” who are in fact industry has-bens. These are the same people that crippled VB.Net from it’s inception and convinced hundreds of developers to stick with VB 6. Now the extol the virtues of the .Net framework and their pet technology in articles that are at best two pages long and absolutely worthless. All in an effort to keep relevant and sell you books and training.

If you’re considering a subscription to this magazine, do your self a favor and skip it.


Matt Morollo said...


There are a lot of hard working people behind the effort at Visual Studio Media which also includes the website. The team has spent nearly 3 years building up the brand and invested heavily in circulation, content and web development. In fact, our partners have beed very pleased with the teams' effort to help grow the ecosystem you can expect bigger and better opportunities to arise from this group. We always appreciated readers feeback, but some time there is more than meet the eye. If there is something you would like us to cover or provide the community, let us know. This is your media and you can help up make it better and provide what you want. As always, we welcome your feeback.


Matt Morollo
VP, Publishing
Redmond Media Group
T 508 294 8183

Brad said...

Let's start with the current issue. It is a dismal 32 pages. Compare that with the 108 pages of the current MSDN issue and it pales in comparison. Of the 32 pages 13 pages are advertising or sales info, that leaves 19 pages for articles, take away the editorial, Dev Disasters and letters that leaves 16 pages for articles. So what were the articles? Well let’s see early feedback on Visual Studio 2010. I'm not really interested in the feedback others have, especially those individuals with agendas. Tell me what the new features are. Tell me how they're going to help, show how they work and how to use them. That's what I want. Then the Roger Jennings pounding the Azure drum, let's face many of your subscribers will never use Azure and those that do can get details from Rogers site. Oh and don’t forget the language lab. Again sparse and in many cases just an opinion. I’m quite sure your partners are happy; look at all the full page adds they get, but what about the readers? Without a reader base you partners adds won’t mean much. And as far as I’m concerned I’ll never be a subscriber again.