Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Switching Back to Windows

About a year and a half ago I bought into the whole Mac ecosystem. It started when I needed to replace my Windows Phone and my carrier no longer had any Windows devices. I was impressed my the number of apps that were available, especially apps for my financial institutions and insurance company and number of utility company apps that made life a bit nicer. These apps did not exist on the Windows Phone and for obvious reasons they still don't.

I decided to take the plunge and purchase a MacBook Pro. The first thing that I noticed was that the hardware was very nice and it operated well. I then noticed that there were way fewer apps for the Mac as compared to iOS, but Office was available and this made it semi productive as the Apple apps that come installed are horrible compared to office.

I purchased a copy of parallels and installed Windows 10 and my development tools so that I could work in both worlds. I dabbled in Objective C and Swift as well as learned Xcode. I was not impressed at all with developer experience in Xcode. It feels to me like a late 90's experience where we would sprinkle message boxes around an app to improve the debugging experience and while Swift was modern hip language it still carries a lot of Objective C baggage due to it's apple heritage.

Slowly over time my interest in Mac and iOS development waned and I found myself in the Windows VM more that the Mac. At this point I realized that I am a PC and not a Mac and never will be. I began my search for a replacement looking at all the usual suspects, HP, Dell etc. I also looked at the Surface and Surface Book. I had previously used The Surface and I just didn't like the keyboards, to me it felt like typing on a cardboard box top. I eventually decided on the Surface Book. While it is certainly more expensive, I ended up with the 16GB 512SSD I7, it is absolutely leaps and bound ahead of the MacBook Pro in versatility and performance.

I have happily settled back in with my new Widows device and the best development tools hands down and enjoying very much. Off to sell a MacBook Pro...

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