Friday, July 10, 2009

More on Visual Studio Magazines demise

In the comments to my earlier post on the sad state of Visual Studio Magazine I responded to Matt Morollo VP of Publishing for the Redmond Group. I’d like to take the numbers quoted in my response and compare the current issue to the December 2008 issue, which was before the redesign of the magazine.

  Current Issue December 2008
Pages 32 40
Adverts 13 13
Meaningful articles* 0 3

* A meaningful article is defined as one that contains code samples or demonstrates a technology or language feature.

As you can see we’ve lost 8 pages, 3 articles and manages to keep the same number of advertisements.

At the end of the day the advertisers are the real losers here. The subscribers will seek out and find new sources of information either through print or on the internet while the advertisers who are footing the bill for the shiny anemic new look will not see much return in terms of revenue.

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